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Get to know the Carpet Cleaning San Fernando Valley Methods

Knowing what suits you lessen the effort and time trying to fix something, this is why having knowledge is the key.

In Carpet Cleaning, there are different methods on how to treat various concerns, like stains, discoloration, mold infestation, and among others. Luckily, today a lot of effective and truly improving ways are in the market and just a call away.

But, before you call them now, you better know first what these rug cleaners van nuys Methods are.

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Or, Steam Carpet Cleaning is basically using pressurized hot water and brushing to dissolve the dirt in the carpet. This includes the use of cleaning agents, brushing then followed by rinsing, then finally left to dry in a room or air conditioned temperature.


  • Carpet Shampooing

Is a less popular method because of the longer time it takes to dry, no rinsing and how quickly it gets filled with filth.


  • Encapsulation

Had overtaken the popularity of Shampooing in the carpet cleaning industry in the 1970s. It uses synthetic detergents that will crystallize into powder form when it dries. In effect, the dirt particles are encapsulated inside the powder, and then they will be brushed or vacuumed afterward.


The good thing about this method and the reason for its fame is the use of lesser water and the shorter time it takes for it to dry.


  • Bonnet Cleaning

Bonneting is popular mainly for its quick-fix solution. The process involves cleaning the top part of the carpet using a heavy duty motorized machine with a spinning pad, and with a use of cleaning agent, absorbs dirt from the surface.

The downside of this method is while it cleans the top part, it leaves the bottom area making it easier and quicker for the dirt beneath to emerge back in the surface. Also, since there is pressure from the machine that pushes back anything from the surface, accumulation of dirt and chemical residues is something to worry about.


  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

Or, Compound Cleaning is one of the more preferred cleaning methods in the market. It is popular because it does not require drying time. Same with Bonneting, this method uses a machine. The only difference is it uses a counter-rotating brush type that lets cleaning powder to enter the deeper part of the carpet, as a result: a thorough and deep cleaning method Plus, It is safe for all kinds of carpet.